Special Event Makeover

Can you imagine meeting your prospective _____ (fill in the blank: employer/client/partner) and not being ready to show your best?
There is one important factor that helps you radiate trust and confidence in most situations.
But many people ignore it. What is it?
First impression!
You want to get it right and make it last.
Let me help you to project a more positive impression with a stunning appearance.

Special Event Makeover Graduation
Get a well-deserved makeover for that momentous milestone in your life.

Come talk to me to discuss a pampered day for you / your special one(s).
Get a look that reflects the best of your personality.
A look that you are comfortable wearing and which makes you feel confident.
A look that brightens up that significant moment that you'll cherish for years to come.

I am set for a makeover for you on your big and small special events.
One-to-one or group booking available.

♦ Formal ♦ Debutante ♦ Proms ♦ Graduation ♦ Cup Day ♦ Festival ♦ Birthday 
♦ Christmas Party ♦ Dinner ♦ Interview ♦ Audition ♦ TV / Film
♦ Bridal Party ♦ Mother-of-the-bride / groom ♦ Photography Sessions 


Create your Dream. Define the Look. Cherish that Moment.