Groom The Groom

Want a polished look for your special day?
Especially when you are on camera?
When excitement keeps you awake all night,
and dark circles crawl under your eyes -
I will conceal them for you.

Having bald spots on your head and not planning to wear a hat?
Want a hairstyle that raises your charisma?
Not comfortable with "makeup" on a man?

I use minimal products to enhance your masculinity -
without altering a man's appearance.

It's about looking real, and a look that is fresh and clean.
So subtle that most people cannot tell that you have makeup on.

Melbourne Men Grooming Styling Wet Hair Look Gel
Kung fu Hair Master in action.
Men's Grooming - Handsome Groom
Get a polished look for your special day.


What is included in this service?

♦ Perfect your complexion – invisible fix, no heavy makeup
♦ Concealing dark eye circles and facial spots
♦ Reducing greasy shine
♦ Brows grooming
♦ Hairstyling
♦ Camouflaging receding hairline and bald spots

Create your Dream. Define the Look. Cherish that Moment.