Bridal Hair & Makeup

Wedding Red Roses BouquetWalking down the aisle with your happiness overflowing.
This is the day you have dreamed, planned and waited long for.
The moment your groom lifts up your veil, the first look he sees you in that white gown.
Constantly lit up by flashy lights, you are the superstar of the day.
Want to invest in having your look taken care of by a professional on your big day? You will never regret.

What's included in this service?

♦ Phone consultation before your booking
♦ Skin preparation
♦ Full makeup application

♦ Eyebrows sculpting
♦ Airbrush or traditional foundation
♦ False eyelashes & application
♦ Hairstyling

♦ Assist you to put on your gown


Optional Upsize:

♦ Hair & makeup trial
♦ Touch up service

Services available for everyone else in your wedding:

♦ Groom
♦ Bridesmaids
♦ Mothers of the bride & groom
♦ Guests
♦ Flower girls

Better and Beyond

✓ Long Lasting

At this emotional event you will have tears of joy, hugs and kisses, and you want to make sure you look good at every moment. My long lasting, smudge-proof makeup plays an important role to keep you looking elegant for up to 16 hours.

✓ Photo-Friendly
Most of us want to look as natural as we are, look like we have minimum or no makeup. It is great for day-to-day basis, but on your wedding day,
I believe you need slightly more than that. Especially if you have a professional photography team with powerful cameras, you do not want every flaw to show up on high-resolution pictures.

My photography and flash friendly makeup will help you to prevent disastrous mask-like face, or pale appearance that causes you to look washed-out.

Foundations with yellow undertones work best under flash photography. Defined eyes, lips, and cheekbones stand out against the washed out effects of bright camera lights.

✓ Realistic
Your skin should look like skin! Real human skin has pores, freckles, imperfections. We should cover the blemishes, yet maintain the natural look of the skin.
Worry about not getting a perfect matching foundation? I carry a wide range of colours in my kit to suit all skin tones.

✓ Youthful
Of course, you don’t want to look 10 years older with makeup on.

✓ Safe & Hygienic
I use non-toxic products and disinfect my tools every time.



Wedding Hair & Makeup Bride Groom Lily
Let that beautiful moment lasts throughout the day, and the joyous memory forever.
Wedding Hair & Makeup Bride Photographer Camera
Photo-friendly makeup: Ready for powerful cameras to capture your dreamlook moment.

Create your Dream. Define the Look. Cherish that Moment.