Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup

Oriental face features are very delicate and not as dimensional as Caucasian faces.
And not all Asians look the same.
There are different eye shapes for "Asian eyes" too, definitely not just the epicanthic fold and monolid (aka the "missing-crease" in the eyelid).
Hence, there is a set of different techniques in makeup application.
You need someone who understands the beauty of Asian faces.

Natural Makeup

Asian Bridal Hair Makeup Bride Glass
The right makeup will adorn the beautiful oriental face features.

Many of my brides ask for “natural makeup”, which I define as
"subdued in colours, but looking fresh and clean." 
A well-applied foundation is the key to your total look -
zero-powder look, even skin tone, h
ealthy dewy-finish skin.
Blush that looks like your natural rosy cheeks -
applied at the right position to avoid looking 10 years older.
Well-sculptured straight-looking nose and subtly chiseled cheekbones.
No clown contouring here.
To portray a gentle and romantic element to your look,
I will tailor-mix a lip colour that suits you best.

Eye-Play Drama

Want a dash of drama in your look? Your eyes will play a key role.
The colours that get on your eyes should reflect a touch of vitality.
I use exquisite handmade eyelashes to ‘open-up’ eyes.
No spider legs I promise.

You probably worry about your uneven eye shapes.
Different eye sizes, close-set / wide-set, prominent / puffy eyes,
deep-set eyes, slanted eyes. You name it.
It's all simple when you come to me.
Eyelid tapes, the Asian no. 1 beauty gadget,
will deal with most eye shape corrections. 

Eyebrows frame your face.
You want 3D-looking brows to enhance their texture and look natural.
Small details such as shape and position of brows can add,
or take away years from your look.


To make the perfect fusion with your makeup,
I am able to create various hairstyles that suit you - 
from clean and elegant low bun, to different types of braids.

Asian hair is resistant (strong) and shiny.
To show off this beautiful texture,
I use products that work well to hold curls and leave no flaky residues.

A sophisticated hairstyle that holds through the day,
and also boasting your shiny (but not greasy), clean looking hair. 
I am available to stay through your morning tea ceremony for a second hairstyle. Contact me for details.



Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Chinese Paper Cut
Hearts united forever.

Create your Dream. Define the Look. Cherish that Moment.