I come to you on your big day.  Armed with my serious kit and tools.  And you can sit back and relax.


Show up on time. I am reliable as a lifeguard!
Sanitisation. I devotedly disinfect my tools & brushes for your safety.
Pro products only. I do know what I use on your skin and only professional products make it to my kit.
Waterproof your makeup. No fear of tears or rainy day.
Listen to you. It's about how you want it.


Hijack your look. You want You, not just your makeup, to look beautiful.
Make you look like a clown. If you aren't requesting one for costume party.
Pile on foundation. Blemishes must be hidden, but good skin should not.
Over-pluck eyebrows. Tadpole eyebrows really look awful!
Saliva on your hair. Or your face. I never use my teeth to open bobby pins. Nor blow on brushes.

Create your Dream. Define the Look. Cherish that Moment.