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Passionate about work, even on my big day!

YES, I AM THE BRIDE in the pictures of our home page.

My name is Carroanne. I’m a qualified hairdresser and makeup artist.

I did my own hair and makeup on my wedding day. Not trying to skimp on our budget, but I could fully trust myself with the training that I have invested many thousands of hours. And dollars.

What's more? I beat the "bride is always late" tradition and arrived earlier than my guests. That allowed me extra time for photography. *yeah!*

Yes, I even did the hair & makeup for my handsome groom.
Happily ever after!


Melbourne Agency Clean Beauty Natural Modern Bride Makeup

1. a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

Everyone is born unique and there is no one-style-fits-all makeup.

I like to customise a defined look for every individual.
A youthful look that also turbocharges your face features.
A polished you – the best version of yourself.

Clean beauty makeup – I believe the no-makeup look is the ultimate accessories to put on to enhance your beauty.
To me, makeup is not the hero, you are.


Learning is a joy and I don't stop upgrading myself after I'm qualified.

The passion to create a magnificent look for my clients has driven me to constant research and further training.

I enjoy meeting and working with fellow makeup artists and other creative talents.

Makeup Artist Training Classes Australia
From upper left: HD Airbrush Workshop with international makeup artist David Willis; An Evening with award winning makeup artist Becca Gilmartin; Bridal Hair & Makeup Masterclass with award winning bridal hair & makeup artist Martha Mok; The Ultimate Red Carpet Makeup with international makeup artist Heidi Scarlett King; Eye Formula Makeup with the world renowned makeup artist Rae Morris; From bottom left: Mastering Agency Beauty with Beauty Expert Donna Mee; An Evening with Maqpro Paris french makeup artist Charlotte Ravet; Men’s Eyebrow Grooming with brow artist Jazz Pampling; Agency Beauty photoshoot with New York beauty photographer Magdalena Niziol; Lip Art Workshop with Vlada Haggerty & Smashbox International Makeup & Artistry Education Director Will Malherbe


Australia Asian Bridal Makeup Hairstyling Award 2016 Finalist

I love doing makeover for people of any ethnicity and background – and with a special interest in Asian beauty, I have equipped myself with specific skills to work on oriental faces. Check out more here.

With this passion, I am very honoured to be the Top 10 finalist of Asian Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling Award 2016 at the Event Weddings Sydney Asian Wedding Expo.

Australia Asian Bridal Makeup Hairstyling Award 2016 Event Weddings  


The DreamLook Moment Makeup Arsenal
The DreamLook Moment Makeup Arsenal. Copyright © DreamLook Moment Hair & Makeup

My makeup arsenal stocks various professional and luxury brands, including Makeup Forever, Tom Ford, Becca, Maqpro Paris, Viseart, Face Atelier, RCMA, Cinema Secret and Elementwo.

And my addiction to makeup brushes has built me a huge collection of high quality and luxury makeup tools to perfect my craft in every job.

Effective infection prevention and control is central to providing safe and high quality care for my clients.
I'm regularly trained for infection prevention and control with Australian Department of Health’s Primary Health Networks Program.
By understanding the modes of transmission of infectious organisms and knowing how and when to apply the basic principles of infection prevention and control, I take every possible precaution to keep my clients away from the risk of getting an infection.

Based in Melbourne, I'm also mobile to travel for interstate and oversea events.

Find out the services I offer, and have a look at my portfolio. Looking for an amazing artist to create a tailored look for you? Let's get in touch.

Create your Dream. Define the Look. Cherish that Moment.